Signs Your Garage Door Isnt Working Right

15 Apr. 21

3 Signs Your Garage Door Isn’t Working Right

Wondering if your garage door is working properly? As commercial and residential garage door professionals, we’ve seen it all! In this article we will go over the top 3 signs your garage door isn’t working properly, and what you can do about it. 

1. Garage Door Won’t Open

If your garage door isn’t opening when you press the button from your car, it could be a sign that the transmitter has gone bad. To check if it is the batteries from your car’s transmitter, try pressing the button from the wall inside your garage. If the door still opens, you will need to replace the batteries in the car. Since most batteries are installed at the same time, you will likely need to change the batteries in the wall’s transmitter soon as well.

2. Garage Door Opens But Won’t Close When The Remote Is Pressed

If you are experiencing this problem, it most likely means the photo eyes, which transmit a beam across the floor to prevent doors from closing on objects, may be dirty. This dirt will block the beams and prevent the garage door from closing. These photo eyes can also eventually become misaligned. To fix this problem, gently clean the photo eyes with a soft cloth and a mild, streak free cleaner. To test the alignment, measure the distance of the photo eyes from the ground up and use a level to make sure they are pointing directly across from one another. 

3. You Hear A Rubbing Noise When Your Garage Door Opens

If you are hearing a rubbing noise when your garage door opens at a certain point each time, it could indicate your tracks are misaligned. This is a serious issue, as the weight of the door can exacerbate the problem until it becomes a danger to operate the garage door. If the door is not moving at all, you should call in the professionals. Otherwise, you can realign the track by loosening the screws and gently tapping the track with a rubber mallet until it is back in position. This should be done to both tracks. Be sure to securely tighten the screws to ensure the track will not move any further.

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