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How Important is Curb Appeal?

Realtors will tell you that curb appeal is essential to your home’s value. If your home does not make a good first impression from the outside, chances are potential buyers won’t go inside. Plus, it just feels good to come home to a pretty sight.

What do my garage door and entry door* have to do with it?

According to a realtor survey by Stratamark Research and Clopay®, a new garage door can increase your home’s value by as much as 4 percent. That could be as much as $14,000 for a $350,000 home. This is because many homes have front-facing garages, which typically represent about 30% or more of your home’s front facade. That’s huge! Don’t take our word for it, though. See for yourself with our Garage Door Design Centre tool! Entry doors ranked as the #1 home improvement for ROI in Remodeling magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report. Furthermore, seven out of the top ten involved the exterior of the home. While regular maintenance and garage door repair can help keep your doors working great, sometimes an upgrade is really needed to get the look you are going for.

Other reasons to upgrade your garage door and entry door*:

Energy efficiency: With R-values up to 18.4, our insulated garage doors by Clopay will help reduce your heating and cooling bills while improving your home’s comfort. However, a well-insulated garage door should be installed on an insulated garage for full benefit. Our Clopay Entry Doors* are built for energy efficiency, with foam injected polyurethane insulation and 1″ thick insulated glass.

Maintenance: If you are tired of painting or staining your old wood garage door, a new steel or composite garage door can free up much of your time. And you don’t have to give up the look of wood! Find out more about our incredibly realistic Gallery™ Collection Ultra-Grain! Clopay’s fiberglass and steel entry doors* will not rot, warp or crack like wood and require much less maintenance.

Quietness: If you have a bedroom above your garage and are tired of the noise from your garage door, you have come to the right place! Our belt-driven and wall mounted garage door openers by LiftMaster® are extremely quiet, and our Clopay garage doors have standard nylon rollers for further reduced noise. An insulated garage door will be even quieter. Clopay entry doors* have standard ball bearing hinges for smoother, quieter operation.

Safety and Security: Your family’s safety is important to you. And as the largest moving object in your home, your garage door plays a large role in that safety. As your garage door ages, worn out or broken springs and worn cables can pose serious safety hazards. The Clopay garage doors carried by Adams Door Systems are designed with safety built in, from Clopay’s patented Safe-T-Bracket™ that is designed to help prevent the accidental release of spring tension, to lifting cables specified to hold seven times the actual door weight. Older automatic openers, especially those manufactured prior to 1993, lack many key safety features that are built in today’s LiftMaster garage door openers. Infrared electric sensors that automatically reverse the door if obstructed while closing, anti-burglary remote control coding to prevent code theft, and motion-controlled lighting are but a few of the many features of our LiftMaster automatic openers that will keep your home, and your family, safe and secure. The reinforced jambs and lockset mounting points on Clopay entry doors help protect against break-ins.

How to choose the right garage door and entry door* with confidence:

  1. Browse our Image Gallery to see a variety of Clopay garage doors on different home styles.
  2. Take our Guide Me Quiz to find out which models might be right for you.
  3. Upload a photo of your home to our Design Your Door tool to try out your favourites.

Tips: When choosing a garage door design, let your home and your personality guide you. If your home has arched windows, consider including arched windows in your garage door. If you want to create the look of width, choose a long panel design. For a classic look, consider a carriage house style garage door and decorative hardware. For a contemporary look, choose a flush panel, or the stunning Avante™ Collection, depending on your budget. Keep practicality in mind too. If you have living space above, consider an insulated garage door. If durability is a concern, an insulated garage door will also be more durable than a non-insulated one. If you’re not big on maintenance, go for a steel or composite door – but you can still have the look of wood with the affordable Gallery® Collection with Ultra-Grain™. Don’t forget our coordinating entry doors*!

Once you are satisfied with your door design genius, you can print it out or email it directly to us via our website. Feel free to visit our showrooms or have us visit you for a free estimate.

*Entry doors available through Mississauga Location onl

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