Garage Door Safety Tips

25 Feb. 21

7 Garage Door Safety Tips

Your garage door faces daily wear and tear. And as one of the largest moving objects in your home, it’s important to ensure your garage door is secure. That’s why the experts at Adam’s Door Systems have put together a list of practical garage door safety tips to keep you and your family safe! 


  1. The button for the garage door opener should be mounted out of small children’s reach. We recommend a minimum of 5′ from the floor. 


  1. Prevention begins with education. Children should be shown a good example of how to safely operate a garage door. They should also be told that garage door remote controls are not to be played with.


  1. Carefully read your owner’s manual to learn how to properly operate your garage door opener – especially the emergency release feature.


  1. Be sure to visually inspect your garage door once a month. It’s important to pay attention to the springs, cables, rollers, and pulleys for signs of wear and tear. You should also test the reversing mechanism at least once a month by placing a 2×4 board in the door’s path.


  1. Never attempt to perform repairs on the garage door yourself. This is especially important for high tension mechanisms such as cables and springs. If you notice signs of damage, or the garage door does not reverse when tested, contact a qualified professional for assistance.


  1. Provide an additional layer of security by installing sensors that work in conjunction with your garage door opener. These sensors, located on opposing sides along the bottom of the door, prevent the door from closing when an object breaks the connecting laser. 


  1. Another important aspect of garage door safety is garage door security! Garage doors can provide uninvited access to your home if precautions are not taken. To prevent any incidents, never leave your garage door partially open. If you are going to be away from home for a while, unplug the garage door opener unit. Finally, be sure to always lock the door from the garage to the inside of your home.


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