20 Sep. 12

Avoiding Injuries Related to Garage Doors

Garage doors are definitely the biggest and the heaviest among the entry doors in a house. Many people often get injured with these large doors due to carelessness and lack of safety. It is recommended you read the section below to know how to avoid the most common injuries that people get because of their garage doors.
People often get their fingers caught in the middle of the sections of the garage door by accident or someone may get hit by the door while it is operating. Other people also get injuries because they try to fix complicated garage door problems without seeking for professional help.
If you want to keep everybody in your family safe, here are some steps that you can follow:

  • While the garage door is in motion whether it is closing or opening, it is important that you keep a safe distance from the fixture at all times. Sectional doors can catch fingers and even garments in between which can be very painful. Do not open or close forcibly when it is in motion to hasten the process. Allow the door opener and the mechanisms to do their jobs.
  • Do not let your kids play anywhere near the door. The tendency with kids is that they like to hang and dangle themselves in these doors when they are about to open because they are hoisted above the ground. This can injure them.
  • Replace your old garage door opener with a new one. Modern design has wonderful features and increased sensitivity for safety. Many openers today have photo sensors which use infrared lights to detect presence of a person or an item under the door. But even with the presence of photo sensors, it is necessary to not dock under the fixture while it is moving.
  • If there are any repairs that need to be done, always seek for the help of professionals to assist you. Many homeowners who have no idea about garage door repair get injured especially with the springs. Do not do this task by yourself if you are not an expert.