Can Garage Door Springs Be Replaced

31 Jul. 21

Can Garage Door Springs Be Replaced?

Springs are an essential part of the garage door operating system. When springs fail, not only does it mean your garage door will be unusable, but they also pose a huge safety risk. If you have noticed a popping sound when your garage door is opening, this may indicate your springs need replacing. Luckily, these parts CAN be replaced, safely, when potential issues are caught early. That being said, we still recommend hiring a professional to handle the job.

In the event you do decide to replace springs on your own, you should be well versed in all the different aspects of garage door springs. For starters, did you know there are two types of garage door springs? Torsion and Extension. They look the same as any other spring you’ve seen, the main difference being that torsion springs work by twisting, while extension springs expand and compress.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are used to counter balance and assist in the opening and closing of your garage door. They come with a standard inner diameter size of 1.75” or 2”. Torsion springs can be made of galvanized or oil-tempered steel. We recommend using oil-tempered springs as they maintain their tension longer than galvanized steel. However, oil-tempered springs can rust. 

Extension Springs

Garage door extension springs run along the door’s horizontal track and help to open and close your garage door as the springs stress and compress. Extension springs are manufactured specifically for the height of a garage door.

Which Spring Is A Better Choice?

Hands down, we recommend torsion springs! Not only are they more efficient, but extension springs operate independently of one another. This means one side of your door could lift at a higher rate than the other. Torsion springs also lost a lot longer than extension springs; anywhere from 5,000 to 500,000 cycles! So given that they’re better in terms of safety, efficiency and longevity, torsion springs are the clear winner.

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