Maintaining A Clean Garage

27 Nov. 21

Checklist for Maintaining a Clean Garage

Garages have a knack for becoming the multi-purpose room of a home. Sure, you can store your car there. Or it could be a place for cultivating hobbies, a workshop, a game room. Or simply the space where you random items that don’t have a “place” go to live. And then one day you notice this open space has become a mountain of clutter. Just like your garage door, the garage area needs yearly maintenance to keep it clean, organized, and accessible. To help you clean smarter and not harder, we’ve put together a clean garage checklist!

Declutter The Area

Start by removing everything from the garage that’s not nailed or screwed down and sort the items into three piles: keep, donate, discard. A good question to ask yourself as you go through items is whether you have used it in the past year. If it no longer sparks joy and is simply gathering dust – toss or donate it! For discarded items, be sure to check product labels for pesticides, motor oil, solvents and other chemicals to determine best disposal methods.

Sort And Store The Items You Will Keep

Sort the items you will keep by category. Such as tools, gardening equipment, outdoor gear, cleaning supplies, etc. You will want to assign each category a designated area within the garage. Finding storage solutions are critical for maintaining a clean and organized garage. Utilize shelves to store things like paint or cleaning supplies. Plastic tubs and bins beneath shelves are practical for storing other items such as helmets or fishing gear. Tools can be stored in drawers and tins can be used to hold nuts, bolts, or zip ties.

Wipe, Sweep, Clean, Repeat

Before moving items back into the garage, you will want to wipe down all shelves and surface areas, sweep the floor, and then repeat the process for good measure. Our garages have a tendency to collect dust, dirt, and even salt deposits from the snow.

Monthly Upkeep

To maintain the hard work you’ve just completed, we recommend monthly maintenance of the garage area. Survey or inventory items, sweep out the room, and wipe off the surfaces when you have a free weekend morning. And every time you relocate an item from the house into the garage, assign it a designated area and efficient storage solution.

Does your garage door reflect the sparkling, organized space within? Your garage door can significantly impact your home’s overall appearance and increase its resale value. A garage door replacement could be the thing needed to take your curb appeal to the next level. Our enthusiastic team is standing by to help you with your garage door options. Contact us today at!