Child Safety Garage Door Tips

28 Jun. 22

Child Safety Tips For Your Garage Door

While wildly convenient, it’s also important to understand that garage doors are also under massive amounts of tension. While this tension helps your garage door properly, it also comes with an element of risk. If you are a parent, grandparent, or often have small visitors to your home, you know keeping them safe is a top priority. Staying up to date on maintenance and establishing strong boundaries surrounding the garage door can help prevent the worst from occurring. Sit down with the children in your life, and teach them these easy lessons to ensure their safety while they are playing in and around the garage:

Establish Garage Door Rules

With these simple garage door rules, your family can prevent serious injuries as well as damage to the mechanisms:

  • Children should understand that playing with or underneath the door, as well as leaving bicycles and other toys in the path of the garage door, is a big no-no. The area should always remain clear, especially when opening or closing the garage door.
  • The remote control is not a toy, and the button should not be pressed unless intentionally operating the door. Same goes for the sensors underneath the garage door.
  • If your garage door opener has a passcode, children should understand that this code should not be shared with others.
  • The garage door should NEVER be touched during operation. Moving panels can pinch tiny fingers, and “riding” the garage door as it opens can lead to serious accidents.

Show Your Children How The Garage Door Works

Children are naturally curious, and love to know what is happening in the world around them. Teaching children exactly how the garage door works empowers them and may stifle any mischief that occurs out of curiosity. Show them the springs and lifting cables, explaining the pressure they are under so they know not to pluck or pull these parts. You should also spend some time explaining just how important the sensors are. Children should know that these sensors must stay aligned to keep everyone safe.

Garage safety extends far beyond the door. Remember to keep all powerful and dangerous tools securely locked out of reach. The same goes for various chemicals you may have set aside. And remember – the more educated your children are about safety, the more empowered they become.