01 Oct. 12

Choosing a Door for your Patio

Around the country you can see quite a number of houses with patios.
These patios are simple installations that serve as a transition space of house’s interior living area to the outdoor garden. Because there’s a need to keep the security and the privacy of the home, patio doors need to be placed and in choosing one you have to select the fixture that could give a smooth flow.
Patio doors are forms of exterior doors that should match the design and the look of the house.
Here are a few guidelines to assist you in choosing one for your house:

  • The first design consideration that you need to look into is the method of how the door will open.

There are different types of door opening methods to choose from such as sliding or swinging.

  • Swinging doors will definitely need more space while sliding doors will not need as much.
  • If you do not want to rearrange your furniture to give way to a swinging door, just choose a sliding door instead.
  • The next thing that you need to consider is the size. Always bear in mind that patio doors are the access ways from your living room to the outdoor space. To get a more outdoorsy feel in the patio, you must choose a bigger door or a double door. A folding patio door will also be a good alternative.
  • Patio doors will surely be used with glass so as not to completely obstruct the outdoor view. You can always consult experienced door dealers for the different options so you could still maintain security and privacy even if glass panel is used. You can choose internal grills, blinds, frosted glass or tinted glass.
  • The materials used for these entry doors should not only compliment the overall style of the house, they must be easy to maintain and durable to avoid spending much for frequent repairs.