seal entry door

11 Jun. 12

Corner Sealing for Exterior Doors

The main function of the door is to create a partition and opening between the interior of the house and the exterior. Security is its secondary function as it keeps the people inside safe from intruders.
Door as Heat Regulator
The door also has a very important function in terms of regulating the heat inside the house and keeping a difference between the inside and outside temperature.

  • During the winter season, doors actually keep the inside of the house warm and your utilities low. This is why many new doors today are considered eco-friendly.
  • If your door has slightly moved or shifted causing a gap from its frame, you do not necessarily have to replace the whole door. You can seal the corners of your entry doors to save money.

The first thing that you need to do is to inspect the door carefully. In this process, you have to figure out which areas have bigger gaps.
You can also check if there are big door cracks which can also allow the air to go through.
Close the door and check where the light is coming in.
Dealing with Large Cracks
If there are large cracks on the doors, you need to fill it out with caulking so it will be blocked.

  • Open the door and see if a weather strip has been installed beforehand. If there are strips installed and the door is still leaking air out, remove the old strips.
  • Measure the width of the door corners and cut new weather stripping to that same size.

There are different types of weather stripping available in the market today. It may be wooden or it may also be metal.

  • The stripping must be screwed or nailed perfectly to the corners and it must be placed as tightly together as possible.
  • You can also attach a rubber sweep on the base of the exterior doors of your homes. This sweep can actually create a tight seal and it can definitely bar the air from coming in or out.
  • If the door is misaligned, you need to fix and tighten the screws on the hinges to make sure that the door is upright.