06 May. 13

Debating between Single Panel Garage Doors and Sectional Garage Doors

Every year, there are thousands of homeowners who decide to replace their old garage doors and buy a new one for their houses. With just a huge number of choices available for customers today, it gets difficult for many people to choose which garage entry doors they would purchase.

Basically, there are three choices when it comes to garage doors. You can choose single panel doors, sectional doors, or roller doors. Since roller doors are usually used for commercial spaces, homeowners often select between sectional and single panel.

Here are some facts about the two options.

  • Single Panel Garage Doors. Single panel garage doors have always been the go-to style for many years in the past. But today, the popularity of this type has been overtaken by the sectional garage doors. One advantage of single panel doors is the price. Most sectional doors are at least 15% more expensive than these types. However, single panel doors also have their disadvantages. Since the door would swing up as a single unit, there needs to be a space in front of the garage while the door is in motion. A damaged part of the door would also mean that the whole door will be replaced since it acts as a single unit.
  • Sectional Garage Doors. More people are into sectional doors these days because they are more stable and reliable than the single panel type. Even if it is slightly more expensive, a sectional door can easily slide up and open even if your car is parked right next to the doorway opening. The number of sections in the door mechanism can vary between manufacturers. But in all cases, each section is directly connected to the tracks of the door which makes these types of exterior doors a lot more secure than single panel doors.