06 Mar. 13

Decorating Tips for Entrance Doors

Home decorators will always tell the homeowners that the entrance door is one of the most important parts of the house. This is because it is the focal point of the home’s exterior and it is also the place where you welcome guests.

Entrance doors today could not only be the typical front doors but also the residential garage doors. And since garage doors are large in scale, they will definitely be more noticeable even from a distance.

Here are some useful decorating tips that you can use for your entrance doors.

  • Lighting. Even if you will not change the hardware of the home exterior especially the doors, you can easily increase the curb appeal of the house by simply adding a lighting fixture. At night, a light shining at the front door does not only make your house look better, it is also a good security measure to keep burglars away. When adding light fixtures, it is always better to mount it at a lower angle with the light pointing upward towards the middle of the entry doors. You can also use wall- mounted lights but you need to use symmetry on both sides and it must not exceed 72 inches from the ground to make it look good.
  • Pop of Color. When you go around your neighborhood, you will notice that your house may look a lot like the rest of the houses in the area. To make your own residence stand out, try to paint the garage door and the front door with a statement color that is different from the other shades which you used in your home exterior.
  • Glass Panels. Glass always looks good as long as it is properly installed. You can use glass panels to be installed on both sides of the door to add depth and dimension to the front.