10 Sep. 12

Decorating your Garage Door for the Holidays

Now that the holiday season is fast approaching, it will be the time of the year again when you would have to bring out all your decorations to make your house look as festive as possible.
Many people spend a lot of time in decorating their home exterior because it is the part that other people could see. The main spots where decorations can be placed outside are the exterior doors and windows.
The garage door is probably one of the largest parts of the home exterior but homeowners neglect to decorate it in spite of its size. This post will give you different ideas on how you can easily decorate your garage door at home.

  • One of the easiest ways to decorate the garage door is to add a wreath in the middle of it. Christmas wreaths are very nice addition to the exterior space because they immediately give out the vibe of the holiday season. They can be decorated with flowers, Christmas balls and leaves of different colors. The circular wreath can be hung in the upper portion of the center of the garage door. You can place ribbons and strategically tape them on top of the wreath with some of the length of the ribbons radiating to the sides of the door.
  • If you think that adding a wreath is too simple, you can go extremely big on your door by turning it into one giant Christmas gift. Residential garage doors are already noticeable because of their size so transforming a fixture into a giant present will surely catch the attention of your neighbors. All you need to do is to grab Christmas wrappers from the store and wrap the entire door with it. Finish your design with a large bow in the middle.
  • Another good holiday design for your garage door is to make large cutouts of the incoming year and place them on the door itself. For example, if you will be welcoming the year 2013, then cut the digits using colored card boards large enough to be seen from a distance.

To elevate the design and decorations that you have added for the holidays, do not forget to add Christmas lights. Accent lighting can also be installed temporarily to feature certain design aspects.