24 Sep. 12

Door Clickers for your Garage Doors

Unlike the old designs, modern residential garage doors can now be operated automatically. The most common method to do this is through the use of a remote control that is linked to the door opener which is responsible in operating the mechanism of the door so it would open or close.
In many cases, door opener goes with a specific remote control for compatibility purposes. But recently, universal remote controls and clickers for garage doors have been introduced in the market. Based on the description itself, remote controls are supposed to be universal, which means they can be used with whatever type of door opener that you have.
Universal clickers have the following advantages:

  • Compatibility. One of the perks of using a universal clicker is that you can simply pair it with your existing door opener and it will be ready for use to open or close the garage door. These universal remote controls are made to be compatible with whatever brand of door opener that you already have.
  • Backup. Another advantage of these universal door clickers is that they can be a backup remote control for the original clicker that you have which is of the same brand as your garage door opener. So in case your door clicker’s battery gets drained, you can still operate the garage door with this backup remote control.
  • Affordability. Purchasing a new remote control for the garage door might be expensive especially if you choose the one with the same brand as your door opener. But with universal clickers, they are usually cheaper which makes them an affordable alternative to the original clicker.
  • Lightweight and Small. A lot of people carry their remote controls around when they leave the house and they would actually prefer a clicker that is smaller and is lighter so it would be convenient to bring them around. Most universal clickers that you can find are lightweight and they can definitely be added to your key rings, key chains and your car keys as well.