05 Feb. 13

Door Knockers: Coming Back with Style

One of the main areas of the house that people should pay attention to is the front of the home. The façade, the lawn and the front structures are what the neighbors will be looking at when they pass by your place.

A functional piece that is usually installed on the entry doors of old houses is the door knocker. For many years, door knockers have been used as notification devices to alert people that someone is waiting in the front door. When the electronic doorbells were introduced, the use of door knockers has deteriorated.

Today, door knockers are coming back and they are not only functional but they also add style to the façade of the house.

  • If you have a large home and you do not think that a door knocker will be of any help to the household because you won’t be able to hear the knock on all areas of the house, you can definitely use the door knocker as a statement piece or a focal point on the residential exterior doors of your house. You can still have an electronic doorbell but you can also install a door knocker that will fit the style of your home.
  • Door knockers come in different designs, styles, sizes, and shapes. There will always be a suitable design that will match your style and the look of your front door. If you want to have a rustic feel to the façade, there are different antique door knockers to choose from. There are also cast iron door pieces if you want to have that old looking style without paying the value of a traditional antique knocker.
  • To add fun and variety to the front of your home, you can also replace the door knocker every time there is a holiday or a celebration. Switching from a Halloween theme door knocker to a Christmas theme knocker will be a delight to your kids.