17 Sep. 12

Effective Methods in Eliminating Bad Odors in the Garage

In terms of cleanliness and home sanitation, not a single room of the house must have a bad odor. But due to the uses of the kitchen and the bathrooms, having some days when there are odors in these rooms is typical and people can usually remedy them right away.
When it comes to garage, homeowners often wonder how a room that is only used for storage and parking can have an odor. Even if the exterior doors are closed, a garage can still have different odors due to the items that you store inside it like paint, cans, old furniture, and even the fumes from your vehicle.
It is then important for homeowners to learn more on how to eliminate odors from the garage.

  • The smell can actually reflect on the cleanliness and the sanitation of the place. Always take time to clean out and organize your garage. It is better to be aware of the things and items that you actually store inside this space so you would know the potential items that may cause bad smell. Throwing trash and useless items may also prevent the presence of rotting odor.
  • Washing and disinfecting the garage floor is also a very good advice. Many dirt and even mud can cause odor. They stick to the floor and could be accumulated if not washed.
  • You can also add substances and products that can naturally eliminate odor. Baking soda is a good home remedy to odors but you can also use air fresheners and commercial room deodorizers to add fragrance to the room and get rid of the bad smell.
  • It would be very helpful for homeowners to open their residential garage doors regularly for a few hours. This will allow fresh air to circulate into the room and the bad smell to be pushed out.
  • Garage door insulation will also be needed because it will keep your garage weather resistant. Cold air entering through the door can actually add to the muskiness inside the garage and the addition of insulation can eliminate this from happening.