22 May. 12

Five Entry Door Design Ideas You'll Love

An entry door is literally the ‘face’ of your home, and can create a good first impression when guests come knocking. In choosing an entry door, you have to ponder over several factors, which include visual unity with the rest of the architecture, the unique feel you want to create, and the statement you want to make with regard to your preferences and personality. There is a plethora of options when it comes to entry door designs. Here are some defining ones that can enhance your home’s aesthetics.

Elegant Victorian era designs

Victorian architecture is characterized by complex and intricate decorative elements. From the Gothic Revival to Romanesque, a Victorian-era inspired entry door can lend the right lavish and ornate look. If you are looking to eschew contemporary styles in favor of elegance and attention to detail, Victorian entry doors are excellent options.

A hark back to the Colonial era

If you are keen to incorporate the charming door styles inspired by America’s earliest homes, Colonial entry doors are just what you need. Fanlites, sidelites, transoms and stunningly-crafted door panels are some of the distinguishing features of Spanish, French, Georgian and Dutch Colonial architecture.

Warm and rustic Mediterranean entry doors

Mediterranean entry doors made of solid wood impart character and warmth. It is hard to match the rustic feel of wood, and even the best composites with faux-finishes cannot replicate it. If you are looking for beautifully handcrafted wooden door designs and the strength, durability to go with it, Mediterranean entry doors should be on your list.

More flexibility with art deco and Bohemian styles

For a minimalist entry door style that blends seamlessly with the rest of your home d├ęcor, why not try art deco? From a basic wooden door with a shapely steel handle to more dramatic laminate/glass patterns, the choices are many and varied. When it comes to bohemian style, you are only limited by your imagination. You can explore different materials like glass, wrought iron, wood and UPVC, opt for custom-designs that represent your personality, and have your favorite motifs crafted in rainbow colors to create a unique, inimitable look!

A dash of old world with ethnic Indian designs

Wooden doors depicting native Indian scenes can become conversation starters! Crafted from teakwood or distressed wood, ethnic Indian entry doors are unlike most other doors that greet you. If you are looking for a unique design, consider this for sure

When it comes to contemporary entry doors, there is a vast array of designs and constructions to pick from. Depending on your requirements, your modern entry door can be minimalist yet appropriately stylish, in-your-face dramatic, or designed to be the focal point of your home.