garage door troubleshooting

03 Jul. 12

Garage Door Openers: Troubleshooting Tips

Garage doors are one of the parts of the home that people use the most. Because of the constant operation of these doors, there will definitely come a time when the garage door and the door openers will become faulty. Once this happens, you will need to do some minor troubleshooting of your own before contacting the professionals. This can save you money but if you do not do it correctly you can just make the problem severe.
Here are some basic troubleshooting things that you can do with your garage door openers:

  • Determine if the problem is in the lift system of the opener or the door mechanism itself. If you are not sure, you can check both systems. Start with the door mechanism troubleshooting.
  • Manually inspect the rollers of the track. Bring the door down and close it.
    • Go to the brackets and see if there are any bolts and screws that have loosened up.
    • Tighten and secure them if you see any.
    • If you tighten screws, make sure that the part that you are securing them into is correctly aligned so that the performance of the door opener will not be jeopardized.
    • Look at the tracks and see if they are aligned to one another. They must also be straight so that the garage door can be pulled up or down swiftly.
    • The garage door tracks must also be inspected for any dents or malformations.
      • You need to make sure that the tracks are in correct form so as to avoid interruptions and pressure during operation.
      • You can use a rubber mallet to slowly align the tracks to the original shape.
      • Go to the lift system of your door opener. You can start the troubleshooting process with the basics such as the remote control. Oftentimes, people complain about their door openers not working when in fact they just need to replace the batteries of the remote.
      • During the garage door installation, observe how the professional technician connect and program the door opener, the remote control and the garage door itself. This way, you will know what to do when you reprogram your remote control to fix some minor control issues.