04 Feb. 13

Going Green with your Residential Garage Door

When people start talking about going green and being more aware of the environment, the last thing that would come into their minds is the importance and the effects of replacing residential garage doors and other doors in the house.

The doors play a very important role in keeping the home environment friendly because properly insulated doors can help lessen the usage of the heater or cooler inside the home. In addition to that, there are also other important features of doors that contribute to their greenness.

With the help of these guidelines, consumers can make a sound decision about replacing their old garage doors to help the environment in their own ways.

  • Insulation. As mentioned earlier, the insulation of the garage door can help retain heat inside the garage space. This is extremely important especially if the garage door is sitting right below a bedroom. Although most garage doors sold today are insulated, consumers like you should take the time to check the R-value of the door’s insulation. The recommended value is R-18.
  • Recyclable Material. If you want a green door, the insulation is not everything that you should look at. You should also take a look at the type of material that the door is made of. Although wooden doors are biodegradable, you can also opt for steel doors whose manufacturers proactively advertise their efforts in recycling any scrap metals during the manufacturing process. There are also wooden doors that have been made out of recycled wooden fibers.
  • Coating. Although the garage door installation process does not affect the greenness of the garage door, the method on how the door was painted, how the overflow of paint is being handled by the manufacturers, and the type of paint that is used can generally dictate if the door is classified as environment friendly or not.