22 Apr. 13

Great Benefits of Garage Door Screens

More houses all over the country now have garage door screens installed in their garages. These screens span the entire length and width of the garage opening and they are similar in size to the residential garage doors as well. When these screens are installed, they will not replace the function of the actual garage door. Instead, they will have other specific benefits that are advantageous to the households:

  • Protection against insects. Garage door screens are most beneficial for families who love to use garages as a workspace or as a play area for the kids because they can help prevent insects, especially mosquitoes and bugs, from entering the home. You can keep your garage door open and just close the screen. This way, you can work freely without getting bites from the bugs.
  • Additional outdoor space during the summer. When the temperature becomes hotter, it is always better to enjoy the outdoors. For some people, their idea of fun is experiencing the warm weather without going directly under the heat of the sun. If you are hosting parties, you can open your garage door but keep everyone inside the screen so that the temperature will still be warm without letting dried leaves or insects inside.
  • Reflects harmful rays. There are numerous new models of garage door screens today that are equipped with anti-UVA and UVB technology that can reflect these harmful rays off the screen. If you have kids playing in the garage or you are working on something in this space, you don’t have to worry about harming your skin.
  • Help in maintaining temperature. When the weather outside is very hot, you can always open some of your exterior doors in the house to let warm air escape and the cool breeze to enter. These screens would be perfect for those occasions.