06 Sep. 12

Great New Looks for the Modern Garage Door

When it comes to entry doors, new models offer great materials, security and energy-saving features. A homeowner was once asked on why he wanted to replace his old door with a new one and he said that the main reason that he was attracted to the modern doors is not only the functionalities but also the look. Modern residential garage doors are now available in a wider array of designs.
Here are some new looks that door companies have introduced for garage doors:

  • Clear Glass Garage Doors.
  • This is one of the most elegant innovations in garage door designs that you can find.
  • Instead of metal, wood or fiberglass, clear glass is used for the door panels which will make the door become see- through.
  • The clear glass door is perfect for garage spaces that have been reinvented and refurbished to become an extension of the house.
  • With the help of the see through glass door, there will be a good transition between the indoor and the outdoor space. It will be perfect for people who love to host parties too.
  • Another advantage of using clear glass is that you get 100 percent natural light during the day so you save money on paying electrical bills.
  • Frosted Glass Garage Doors.
  • For the homeowners who do not want totally clear glass for their garage doors, they can still achieve a similar effect through frosted glass without compromising privacy.
  • With frosted glass, you will still be able to get natural light from the sun. Although the frosting on the glass will not provide maximum brightness unlike clear glass, it will still be enough to give illumination to the garage.

Garage door installation for these glass types of doors are more or less similar to the typical wooden and steel doors but you should still hire professionals to do it because you cannot just drill holes and resize the glass yourself. The glasses used in these modern garage door designs are also stronger than your typical glass so they do not break easily.