Cost To Replace Garage Door

15 Mar. 21

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Your Garage Door?

If you have been thinking about replacing your garage door, you are probably asking yourself how much the replacement will cost you. Although a very simple question, the answer is dependent on several different variables. To determine how much your new garage door will cost, the experts at Adam’s Door Systems recommend taking the following details into consideration first.

What size garage door will you need?

The size garage door you need will vary depending if you need a one car or two car garage door. A two car garage door will always increase the cost. Standard sizes tend to run 8′ by 7′ or 9′ by 7′ for a single car garage door, and 16′ by 7′ for a double car garage door.

Is there a certain style of garage door you are interested in?

Style plays one of the largest roles in determining the cost of your new garage door. Materials and aesthetic features such as windows and panel designs can easily rack up the price tag. Typically, classic garage door styles will be on the lower end of the spectrum, while contemporary and carriage house style doors will run higher.

Is your garage attached to your home?

Insulated garage doors can significantly reduce energy costs in your home. They are also more durable than their non-insulated counterparts. However, if your garage is detached from your home, there may be no need to spend the extra money on an insulated door.

Do other features need repairing or replacing?

Tracks, cables, and brackets should all be inspected before the new installation. It is important to know if these items also need repairing or replacing, and that the cost is accounted for in your estimate. Unless your new garage door is significantly heavier than your former one, there is normally no need to replace the garage door opener. However, it is vital to have the opener inspected as well!

Labor Costs

The complexity of the installation job, in combination with local labor costs, should also be considered. A general garage door replacement will take anywhere from 2 to 5 hours. Are you a DIY kind of guy? We highly recommend hiring a professional for the installation! Aside from the risk of serious injury, it will also save you a lot of time and energy.

With all factors taken into consideration, the average cost of replacing a garage door is around $1,100. Ready to replace your garage door? It is important to make sure you receive proposals that detail the costs of labor and materials. Contact our team at to schedule a sales estimate today!