06 Aug. 12

How to Buy Weatherstripping for your Doors

A lot of people have asked and inquired about weatherstripping and they are wondering why it is important to get it right. Well, my explanation is very simple, weatherstripping aids in the insulation capabilities of your exterior doors.
When you purchase a garage door, always make sure that you also get weatherstripping. It could be done by the supplier or do it yourself. If you notice that your old weatherstripping has deteriorated, it is advisable to replace it. But how do you choose and buy the right weatherstripping items from the store? Here are some tips:

  • Measure the door’s width and height before ordering the strips. The measurements will be important because they will be the basis for the amount of weatherstripping that you will need.

A common mistake that homeowners usually commit is that they only order weatherstripping that is exactly of the same size as the door’s width and length.
Always make room for errors and adjustments so order a little more than your requirement. If you only need to replace a segment of your door’s strips, then measure that area that needs to be installed with weatherstripping and order a little over that measurement.

  • Retainers and inserts must always go together. You cannot install weatherstripping on the sides of the door if you use a standard retainer to a large insert or vice versa.

Standard retainers should go with standard inserts and those that use large inserts should have large inserts as well. These are the basics in installation that you need to be aware of.

  • If you take a look at the products available for weatherstripping, you will see that there are those for use in residential garage doors and other doors in the house and there are also those used in commercial setups. Do not be afraid to use commercial products for your residences.
  • Always take into consideration the type of weather and climate that you have in your area in choosing weatherstripping for your doors.

Many people neglect this but if your area gets really cold during the winter season, you might want to use a weatherstripping material that will keep the cold out and retain the heat inside the house.