Choose The Best Garage Door Material

23 Jan. 22

How to Choose the Best Garage Door Material

Modern garage doors are available in a variety of materials. Each coming with its own unique aesthetic, durability, and capabilities. So how do you choose the right garage door for you? Between personal preference, exposure to the elements, and budget it can be hard to know where to begin. To make this process easier, we’ve put together a list of how to choose the best garage material for your home.


Steel offers flexible design, durability, and an all around great value compared to natural wood. Lighter than their wood counterparts, these doors can withstand all climates and can even be insulated to provide more strength and R-Value. The main drawback to steel is that these doors are susceptible to corrosion and rust. Particularly if you live in an area where excess salt is used for de-icing in the winter months.


Wood garage doors bring a timeless elegance to every home they adorn. As a renewable resource, wood offers a more eco-friendly option to consider when purchasing a new garage door. Available in a variety of Overlay Carriage House designs, wood types, and customization options, wood garage doors are an excellent option for homeowners wanting a custom, unique look. In addition to the higher upfront cost of a wood garage door, it is also important to consider the cost of the maintenance required to preserve its beauty. Without proper, regular maintenance, a wood door will begin to fade, rot, warp, or chip. Drastic changes in outside temperatures as well as frequent contact with moisture (from rain, snow, or humidity) can cause wood to expand and warp as it absorbs this moisture. These doors are best for a place with a mild climate.


Fiberglass is one of the best options for someone who wants a wood garage door without the maintenance and warping. Available in both overlay carriage house and raised panel designs, fiberglass provides an economical, low-maintenance alternative to wood. Because fiberglass is semi-transparent, this material will also allow more natural light into your garage. The downsides are that these doors are not suitable for windy climates, and the fiberglass can not be repaired if it becomes damaged.

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