How To Ensure Your Garage Door Lasts

25 Sep. 21

How To Ensure Your Garage Door Lasts

Did you know the average life-span of a garage door is close to 30 years with the proper maintenance? While newer technology and improved aesthetics may encourage you to purchase a new garage door, staying up to date with care and maintenance will prevent you from needing to replace yours before necessary. If you want to ensure your garage door looks great and lasts for years to come, follow these 4 tips.

Keep It Moving

Lubricating all the moving parts on your garage door system is one of the easiest ways to expand its life expectancy. Once a year, take 10 minutes to spray lubricant on the opener’s chain or drive screw and on the door’s rollers, hinges, and tracks. You should also inspect the rollers at least twice per year as these parts only have a lifespan of 7 years.

Keep It Secure

Every time your garage door opens and closes, it creates vibrations that loosen the hardware – now consider that the average garage door is used 1,000 times per year. Regularly tightening your bolts and roller brackets is an important part of automatic garage door maintenance.

Keep It Balanced

A garage door that is off-balance creates unnecessary strain on the opener, shortening its lifespan. You can check your door’s balance by disconnecting it from the opener, pulling the manual release cord, and stopping when the door is about half-way up. If the door is properly balanced, it will stop on its own. If the door slides down or rides up, this is an indication that the spring’s tension needs an adjustment.

Keep It Sealed

Your garage door should always be sealed from the elements. If the weatherstripping below your garage door starts to decay, it can create dangerous situations and lead to damage. If you notice puddles in your garage, rusting around the door, or drafts coming in under the door, it’s a good sign that your weatherstripping needs some attention.

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