05 Jul. 12

How to Fix Gaps in Exterior Doors

One of the main purposes of your exterior doors is to regulate the temperature inside the house. This is also the function that keeps your electrical bills at its minimum.
If you turn on your heater during the winter season, the doors will keep the inside temperature warm for a long time even if you had shut your heater off. Gaps in the doors also allow strong winds to penetrate the houses and could raise your roof off the structure during storms and tornadoes. Without fixing them, insects and other pests can enter your homes through these openings.
Here are the ways on how to repair gaps on your doors:

  • Check your doors and determine which ones do not seal properly. You may start with the front door because it is of a smaller scale and you can proceed to your garage door later.
  • Inspect the hinges of the door to see if they are screwed tightly. There are some instances wherein the reason why the door has a gap is because the door is simply misaligned.
    • Unscrew the hinges of the door and properly fit the fixture carefully.
    • Mark the areas of the door where the new screws should be placed and drill holes on them.
    • Place the new screws carefully into the hinges and test the door if it opens and closes well.
    • Once the alignment of your doors is already fixed, you can now add weather stripping to the edges of your door. Weather strips will seal the gap between the frame and the door and this will help maintain the temperatures inside the house.
    • There will also be instances wherein the gaps are due to uneven door angles.
      • You can fix this by using a compass to determine the correct angle of the door edge. This can be very useful when fixing gaps in entry doors.
      • You can use a jigsaw to cut off that excess part of the edge and the door will close perfectly after that.
      • You can also add weather stripping to the garage door to seal the edges.