03 Mar. 13

Making a Statement with your Exterior Doors

The exterior doors of the home are very important parts of your structure because they should both be functional and decorative at the same time. A lot of homeowners invest their time and money in choosing the perfect doors which will be placed in the exteriors of their houses.

Instead of just installing the custom solid flat panel front or garage door, high style doors are the popular choices of many people today. These are some of the statement door designs that you can imitate to complement the front of your house:

  • Raw-colored wooden doors. Wooden doors were really famous in the past. Today, they are still very popular and many homeowners choose to show the natural color of the wood instead of painting over them. The lines and the waves of the wooden stains will definitely complement your front pathway especially when coupled with dramatic yellow lighting.
  • Feng Shui Door. The Zen style is very popular in gardens. But this type can also be applicable in the design of the home. Feng shui doors are all about symmetry with clean lines. Many feng shui doors are made out of wood with equal rectangular panels to bring light into the house. Red is also prevalent since this color is known to bring good energy inside the home.
  • Sectional or Double Doors. Using more than one block of rectangular piece of material for your door is very common. You can use double doors to emphasize the entrance. Sectional residential garage doors are also popular today since they are much more convenient to operate and they can also come in a wide variety of designs due to their setup.
  • Contrasting Colors. You can make your exterior and front doors pop out by choosing a contrasting color from the rest of your home exterior.