08 Apr. 13

Modern Accessories for your Garage Doors

Among the most important parts of homes today are the residential garage doors. Garage doors are not only used as a decorative piece for the exterior of the home but they also serve as one of the security defences of the property against burglars and intruders.

In order to maximize the use of the garage door, there are modern accessories that can be bought to help homeowners. It is important to know that these garage door accessories are not mandatory during the purchase of the fixture but these can be suggested by the salesman.

  • Garage Motion Detector. If you have an automatic garage door opener, a garage motion detector will be very useful. Automatic openers will close and open the door immediately once the button is pressed. If there is a person right on the track where the door will close, he could get hurt. Modern garage motion detectors will check if the door lines are clear so that the garage door can lower safely. This gadget will be most useful for families with kids too.
  • Door Opener Lightning Suppressor. For those people who live in areas that are prone to thunderstorms, making sure that lighting surges would not affect the gadgets of the house is necessary. With the use of a door opener lightning suppressor kit, the chances of having lightning destroy or short circuit your door opener will be greatly reduced.

Garage Door Light Bulbs. When it comes to garage lighting especially the bulbs that are situated near the door or the door opener, it will be necessary to purchase those that are heavy duty. This is because the vibrations of the opening and the closing operations of the door will cause normal light bulbs to crack or explode. Heavy duty bulbs will ensure longer lasting life and reduced burnouts.