15 Oct. 12

Most Common Garage Door Problems

Just like any other hardware in the house, garage doors also have their own flaws. These defects and problems with doors are caused by faulty garage door installation, damaged parts, natural wear and tear and even poor maintenance.
Sources tell me that many households experience the same set of problems with their garage doors across the country. If these problems or errors are not fixed immediately, the damage could get worse and more money will be wasted. Therefore, it is a very important that any damages must be repaired as soon as possible. It would also be nice to know the main reasons why these errors occur.
Here are some of the most common garage door damages that people experience:

  • The door keeps on jamming. Jammed doors are among the most common problems that many homeowners experienced with their garage doors.
    • When a door is jammed, it moves to a certain point, stops moving without reversing back to its normal position.
    • Probable causes of jammed doors include worn out cable pulleys, broken torsion cables, broken extension cables and a bent track.
    • For the long term solutions of this problem, you will need to replace or straighten the track, replace the pulleys and change the spring cables.
    • The door does not close completely.Normally, the garage door will create a seal with the bottom track to prevent outside weather from affecting the temperature of the garage. But there are also cases where the garage door does not completely close.
      • This is due to a bent track, damaged spring pulleys, or the door is binding in the tracks.
      • To fix this, the worn pulleys must be changed, the track must be straightened out and the trim molding in the track must be spaced correctly.
      • The door does not open. If the door does not open once you use the remote for the garage door opener, you need to check if the batteries are still good. But even if you manually press the open button and it still won’t, then there is probably a problem with your torsion and extension springs.
        • Once these springs are broken, the mechanism will not be able to lift the door open so they have to be replaced.