Garage Door Safety

20 Jul. 21

Our Top Garage Door Safety Tips

A garage is a wonderful addition to modern homes. They provide extra storage space, a secure area for your vehicle, or may even serve as your workshop! And like most beneficial items in life, your garage must be properly used and maintained with care. Especially the garage door! After all, your safety comes first.

1. Educate Children & Keep Opener Out of Their Reach

Not only should children be aware that garage doors and their opener should not be played with, they should also be shown how to operate the garage door safely. That being said, keeping the door opener out of reach of children is one of the most important garage door safety tips there is.

2. Be Prepared, Be Cautious

Avoid stepping, walking, running, or any other form of movement while the garage door is opening or closing. You should also be prepared for emergencies. Familiarize yourself with your garage door in the event you need to use the emergency release feature.

3. Keep Up With Maintenance & Inspections

Every month, you should spend some time inspecting the springs, cables, rollers, and pulleys of your garage door. This will ensure you catch any potential problems early. You should also periodically check that the auto-reverse feature is working properly. You can test this by placing a roll of paper towels in the door’s pathway.

4. Watch Your Fingers!

This may happen more than you think! Be mindful of placing fingers between door sections. If anything, select a garage door with pinch resistant design.

5. Remember Security

Your garage door acts as another layer of entry to your home. This is why you should ensure it’s security! This means leaving the door fully shut if you are not nearby. A partially open door not only runs the risk of falling, but an intruder could easily enter your home. If you will be out of town, you may even consider unplugging the garage opener so that it is unusable. You should also change your code often, using either a rolling code or changing it every month or so.

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