26 Dec. 12

Prolonging a Wooden Entry Door’s Life

Although there are new types of materials for entry doors available in the market today such as fiber glass and steel, wooden doors are still as popular as ever.

If you take a look at the prices of these door types, you will notice that wooden doors are among the most expensive ones. For this reason, you need to properly maintain your wooden doors for them to be able to serve their lifespan and even a few years more.

Maintaining a wooden door is not all that difficult. Here are some great ways on how you can keep your wooden doors at their best shape.

  • Every now and then, tighten the screws of the hinges where the door is attached to the door frame of the house. If the door is screwed properly, it will be in its upright position and you will prevent the door from sagging which usually is the cause of scratches on the floor, on the door, or on the door frame surface. Do not forget to check the door knobs as well. Loose door knobs can be a reason for burglars to enter your premises.
  • Check the edges of the wooden door to see if there are areas where it is sticking or binding. Use sandpaper and you need to follow a motion that goes with the direction of the length of the door and never across its width. Open and close the door several times to see if the area is not sticking anymore.
  • To keep your wooden exterior doors from causing friction against the door jam and the door frame, a very simple thing that you can do is to use a bar of unscented soap and rub it against the top and sides of the door edges. The dry soap will act as a lubricant and protectant to the wood.