05 Nov. 12

Quick Fixes for Cracks in a Fiber Glass Door

There are different types of materials used in the construction of a garage door. Although wood and metal have always been used, modern day manufacturers are recommending the use of fiber glass in entry doors for the house.
The main advantage of fiberglass is its lightweight feature yet strong endurance against extreme pressures. Although these doors are proven to be strong, there are instances when cracks show up on the surface. If these are not remedied immediately, you might find yourself paying a lot more money for the repair.
Repairing minor cracks on fiber glass garage doors is very easy. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Check the crack on the garage door and assess its extent. Deeper and longer cracks must be referred to professionals since they might need to reassess the durability of the whole section of the door. If the crack is just superficial, you can do the repair by yourself.
  • Cleaning the cracked area with a soapy sponge should be the first step. The surface must be dry and free from any dust particles too.
  • Using sandpaper, carefully sand and level out the crack especially the raised edges. You can also use a blade if burrs are large so you could sand them easily right after. This also applies to holes that you want to fill out and repair.
  • Purchase fiber glass sheets from your local hardware and supply store. These sheets may be a little bit pricey so make sure that you just buy the amount that you need. Place the sheets over the cracks and holes and mark them. These details and markings will be necessary for you to know where to cut the sheet.
  • To attach the sheet unto the garage door, a mixture of hardener and resin will be needed. Place this mixture to one side of the fiberglass sheet and place it over the area where it is needed. Make sure that the garage door opener is turned off so that the fixture will not accidentally open. Allow the resin to dry completely before sanding it out to get a level and smooth surface. Paint the area with a color that matches the panel or you can repaint the whole sheet instead.