08 Aug. 12

Regular Lift vs. High Lift Garage Doors

There are different types of garage doors in the market today and one of the distinguishing factors of these types is the kind of lift that the door uses for its operation.
The lift system of the garage door is what makes the fixture rise up or lower down and it is mainly controlled by your garage door opener. A lot of people have asked about the difference between a regular lift garage door and a high lift garage door.
The full details of these garage door lifts are stated below:
High Lift Garage Doors
High lift garage doors need a certain height in order for it to operate successfully hence the name. You can actually convert your own garage door to a high lift one if you have the necessary conversion mechanics available.
Here are the indications that a high lift garage door is best for your home:

  • This type of lift is perfect for those homeowners who would want the track system to be out of the way in the garage entirely.
  • It is also suitable for people who have taller ceilings than the usual. For many residential houses across the country, the ceiling height might be an issue and it could pose a hindrance for getting a high lift.
  • High lift garage doors allow shelves to be installed in high places as well.
  • For those people who are comfortable with operating the door with a shaft-mounted opener, a high lift garage door could work for them.

Regular Lift Garage Doors
Regular lift doors are probably the most common type of lift that is being used today. It is also the default lift during garage door installation. Changing the lift from a regular to a vertical or high lift is possible but you must leave it to the experienced professionals to do this task.

  • Regular lifts are perfect for houses with low ceilings. A shaft- mounted opener may also be used with this type.
  • Regular lifts are also cheaper and more affordable than high and vertical lift systems.
  • This type of lift is also appropriate for those people who do not want the parts of the system too high in the garage.