12 Jun. 12

Replacing the Windows of a Garage Door

There are a lot of residential garage doors today that have windows in them. The windows in the garage doors are great design features especially if they are styled in a similar way to that of the house.
A Way to Save Electricity
There are different designs and styles of windows to choose from depending on the overall look of the house exterior. But other than design and improving the curb appeal of the house, these windows in the garage also play an important part in keeping the garage illuminated at day. You can save electricity if there is natural lighting in your garage through these windows.
Importance of Replacing Broken Windows
When a glass in the window gets broken, you have to replace it as soon as possible.

  • A broken window puts your security at risk.
  • It also prevents the garage door from performing its function which is to keep the house insulated.
  • Broken windows would also allow rain to enter the garage which may damage the door itself.
  • The broken glass may even fall off the main frame if the door opens and closes and that may harm your family.

Guides to Replace the Broken Windows Safely

  • Before doing any repairs or replacements, make sure that you unplug the garage door opener so that the door will not open accidentally.
  • Next, make certain that the sections of the entire broken glasses are removed.
  • If there are still sharp edges that are left, break them with a hammer.
  • Now that the glass has been taken out, remove the old glazing by scraping it off.

You can use a wood chisel to do this and as much as possible, smoothen out the frame of the window.
Identify the points of the frame and remove them by using pliers.

  • Get the frame measurement and purchase a new glass piece. Make sure that the glass is 1/8 inch smaller.
  • Put the new glass piece on the frame and reuse the points which you have removed earlier.
  • Pour new glazing around the edges of the new glass to seal it into the frame.
  • All four sides must be covered. Smoothen it out with your finger.

To finish the project, use silicone caulk to create another seal around the glass pane.