29 Oct. 12

Resetting your Garage Remote Control

With the help of remote controls, homeowners can easily open or close the garage door by just pressing a button. However, there will be instances wherein you will need to reprogram the remote control of your garage door opener.
A remote control needs to be paired properly with the opener for it to function properly. For beginners, resetting the remote control might be a challenge although it is a very simple activity that you can do by yourself.
There are some units that also need to be retuned, every time the batteries are replaced.
Here are the steps in reprogramming your garage door remote controls:

  • Before resetting your garage remote control, make sure that the batteries are new so you won’t have to reprogram it again sooner. Determine the number of batteries that you need and the type as well.
  • In order for you to be able to reset your garage door remote control, you will have to reach the door opener’s main mechanism which usually sits right on the ceiling of the garage. You will need to get a step ladder in accomplishing this.
  • Find the reset button. In other units, this is also called the learn button. If the button is recessed, you need an item like a pencil to get to the hole and push it in. Manufacturers usually recess the button to avoid accidental pressing.
  • Bring the remote control that you plan on resetting with the door opener and climb the ladder carefully. Press the reset or learn button for a few seconds. As the button is pressed, an indicator light will be blinking as a sign that the door opener is ready to be paired. While this is happening, point the remote to the opener and push the open/close button. This button is what you press when opening or closing residential garage doors. You would know that the remote is now reset because the indicator will no longer blink. The light would be on stable mode.
  • Always make sure that the open/close button on the remote will be pressed while the indicator light is blinking. You usually have 30 seconds to do this before you need to press the reset button again for another try.