Insulated Garage Doors

30 Nov. 22

Should You Insulate Your Garage Door?

In the market for a new garage door? Or looking to upgrade your current one? At Adam’s Door Systems, we want to help you make informed decisions. In this guide, we’ll discuss the pros of insulated garage doors and how important garage door insulation is for energy efficiency, comfort and safety. At the end, you’ll be able to decide if you should insulate your garage door or not!

Why Is An Insulated Garage Door Important?

Insulated garage doors provide an extra layer of durability and protection that non-insulated doors don’t. The insulation not only protects your garage and the valuables inside from inclement temperatures, but it also makes it harder for someone to break in. The consistent interior temperature that comes as a result of an insulated garage door will also improve the energy efficiency of your home. Yay for the environment, and for your heating/cooling bills!

Benefits of An Insulated Garage Door

  • Insulated garage doors reduce noise pollution. With an insulated garage door, you don’t have to worry about bothering people in other parts of your home or your next-door neighbors; especially if your garage doubles as a workshop. Alternatively, you don’t have to worry about any external sounds, like traffic, bothering you while you work. 
  • Insulated garage doors are more durable. Because garage doors are designed with extra layers of protection, they are much stronger than uninsulated garage doors. This translates to being less likely to dent, rust or warp. Less maintenance costs. And less repairs to be made in the long run!
  • Insulated garage doors improve safety and comfort. Insulated garage doors help regulate the amount of cold and hot air escaping to and from your garage. This leads to a more comfortable interior temperature in your garage. Additionally, the stronger your garage door is, the less likely a burglar will be able to breach it.

How To Ensure Your Insulated Garage Door Is Effective

Insulating your garage door is only part of the process. If the rest of your garage is home to gaps, or other structural issues, you will not see a significant change in energy efficiency. To get the most out of your insulated garage door, make sure all other parts of your garage are sealed or insulated as well. This includes your roof, floor, walls, windows and any other attached living spaces.

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