08 Oct. 12

Style Varieties for your Garage Doors

It is an undeniable fact that residential garage doors are very important parts of the house not only for security and privacy purposes but also in terms of increasing the curb appeal of your property.
Having a high curb appeal is important especially if you are planning to sell your house in the future. It also makes your house look good even from the outside.
Luckily, there are numerous varieties of styles for your garage doors that you can find in the market these days. They look really nice without compromising function and features. With these modern garage doors, you will surely get the best of both worlds.
If you are still looking for a design that would fit your home exterior, here are some of the most popular door styles nowadays:

  • Carriage House Garage Doors. Carriage style doors are definitely among the most popular styles today. In the past, these carriage doors were widely used for barns where rich people keep their horses.

Today, manufacturers have already transformed these ordinary barn- looking doors to very sophisticated garage fixtures for the home. These doors may look like a single block of wood but they can be made out of metal or fiberglass as well.

  • Contemporary Garage Doors. If you are a fan of modern design and unique architecture for home exterior, a contemporary garage door will be the perfect style for you.

Contemporary doors employ modern design with different lines connected to one another.
You can choose a door made out of connected frosted glass panels, a combination of wood and steel, and even aluminum, zinc and copper doors.
Most contemporary doors that you will see are also sectional so they would fit perfectly with your existing garage door opener.

  • Raised Panel Garage Doors. Raised panel doors have always been popular in North America but modern designs provide a number of good choices to homeowners.

There are more selections in color and you can even have them customized with windows to allow natural lighting into the garage.