Summer Garage Maintenance Tips

18 Jul. 22

Garage Maintenance Tips For Summer

The warm and sunny season of Summer has come again! Meaning it’s time to get outside and take care of those exterior maintenance projects. One project not to be missed from that list is taking care of your home’s garage door. Routine maintenance is not only essential for ensuring the door continues to function properly and safely. It is also paramount for enhancing the door’s curb appeal, and can even contribute to a more comfortable environment inside the garage. Here are our top Summer Garage Maintenance Tips!

Inspect Your Garage Door’s Hardware

Before cleaning or any other type of maintenance activities, you should first inspect your garage door and all of its hardware for any signs of excessive wear and tear. Take a good look around the tracks, springs and mounting hardware. Remember – the more you do this, the more likely you are to notice when something doesn’t look right. If anything appears broken, contact a professional so that it can be repaired safely.

Clean and Lubricate Your Garage Door

Dirt and debris can easily accumulate on your garage door over the Winter. Use a mild mixture of detergent and water to remove any build-up on both sides of the door. This is also an excellent time to lubricate your garage door’s springs, rollers, and hinges to keep your door running smoothly and quietly. If your garage door is made of metal, this is also the time to remove rust.

Pro Tip: To really keep your garage door looking its best, Summer is also an excellent time to apply a fresh coat of paint! This will do more than improve the door’s appearance, it can also protect it from the winter elements to come! White or another light color are the best options, as these will reflect rather than absorb the summertime heat.

How To Keep Your Garage Cool During Summertime

Now that you’ve taken care of the essentials, it’s time to look at other maintenance tasks that can be accomplished for a cozier summer. You may wish to install a ceiling fan or install a mini-split A/C unit. If you didn’t already, you could even declutter your garage as a way to improve airflow.

In the midst of your summer fun, don’t forget to give your garage a little TLC. And if you require additional help with your summer garage door maintenance, turn to Adam’s Door Systems. Whether you’re looking for a whole new garage door or in need of a repair, we have your back. Contact us at or 905-602-6550 (Mississauga) or 416-502-2212 (Toronto).