22 Oct. 12

The Beauty of Glass Garage Doors

A lot of homeowners these days use wooden or steel doors for their garages. Although these two materials are the most commonly used ones, there are those who also consider using other options.
Glass is one type of garage door material that you can find today. However, only few houses are using it because of the size of the glass needed to cover the entire opening.
Should you decide to install one, it is imperative that you get to know the advantages and other important facts about this material:

  • Glass is a very unique choice for garage doors because only few are using this type of material. Glasses used in here are thicker and more durable as compared to those that are being used in windows.
  • The use of glass in a garage door can allow natural daylight to enter this part of the house. This means you will be saving money in terms of electricity since you do not need to turn on your lights. Glass also creates the illusion of having a bigger space because it opens out to the outdoor area.
  • People who are concerned about privacy can actually use a different type like frosted glass or tinted glass which are obviously not transparent. Many individuals dig this type of privacy feature because light can still enter the garage without being seen outside.
  • If you are worried about breakage, many people use sections of glass instead of large pieces during garage door installation. This way, if one piece of glass is cracking or is broken, only that section will be replaced and not the entire door. Glasses for garage doors are thick and durable; however there might be instances when the materials would be prone to breakage.
  • Glass garage doors are aesthetically very appealing but they require a lot of maintenance too. Dust and dirt should be wiped regularly from both the interior and exterior sides. Maintenance must also be done twice a year instead of just once to make sure that the mechanisms holding the glass and the door operation will be smooth.