26 Jun. 12

Tips in Preparing Space for a New Garage Door

Buying a new garage door is always a good move because modern garage doors are made to be safer and there are more features that are added to make the home more secured.
Most homeowners would just pay professionals or the door company to perform the garage door installation. But even if you have other people to install the door for you, you will still need to prepare the garage for the new door. There is really no need to worry because preparing your space for the innovative fixture is easy and quick.
Here are some useful tips that you can use:

  • Choosing the right garage door for your house is part of the preparation process. Although the main purpose of getting a new one is function, do not forget about the style of the door as well.
    • Plan ahead if you want to have the door installed or you want to do the installation yourself.
    • If you do this as a DIY project, then choose a door that is easy to install. If you want the contractor to install it for you, ask how much will be added for the procedure.
    • It will be helpful if you choose a company that does not only make the doors but also offers installation services.
    • Clear your garage from any form of clutter. As much as possible, keep the space near the garage door empty so that by the time the workers will arrive, they will be able to install the door without any interruptions. Sweeping the garage would also help not only for the installation process but to keep your home clean in general.
    • Ask the manufacturer of the door for a list of hardware that you will need for the installation. It will be cheaper if you purchase these yourself but you always have to let the manufacturer approve the items because they have to be compatible.

Call the contractor and determine if the payment includes the removal of the old door. If it is not, you can call other people to do it for you. Exterior doors for garages are very heavy and it will be a challenge if you do it by yourself. Always ask this because the old door must be removed prior to the installation of the new one.