02 Feb. 13

Tips on Increasing the Garage Door Opener Reception

The garage door opener is probably one of the more important devices that you will purchase for your home. Door openers are responsible for the automatic opening and closing of your garage doors. And since garage doors are extremely heavy, they make the job very easy for humans.

Most garage openers today are controlled through a wireless remote control wherein a simple push of a button can open or close the door. Unfortunately, the signals sent by the remote to the door opener can be affected by a lot of factors thus decreasing the reception of the device.

Luckily, homeowners can do their own troubleshooting so that the range of the garage opener can be maximized.

  • Check the Batteries. One of the most common reasons why the garage opener isn’t quite responding is because the batteries are already low on power and they have to be replaced. The main unit of the garage opener is powered by an electrical line. The batteries that you need to replace are those that are found on the remote control. Make sure you know what size and how many pieces are needed so you could replace them immediately.
  • Read the Manual. There are some specific units of door openers that only have a short range of reception according to their manufacturers. So, you need to know how many meters away from residential garage doors openers you can operate your remote for the door opener to respond.
  • Avoid interfering signals. In some cases, the signal and frequency from the radio in your car can interfere with the frequency of the garage opener. To avoid these frequencies from getting confused with each other, you can raise the door opener above your head level before pressing the button so that it would be more aligned with the motor antenna.