LIftmaster Garage Doors Belt Drive

03 Aug. 12

Tips to Consider when Purchasing a Garage Door Opener

Gone are the days when people would manually open and close their garage doors.
In today’s technological era, even the garage doors employ the latest gadgets. Door openers for the garages have been introduced for many years now and the numbers of homeowners that buy these door accessories have been increasing through the years.
If you are planning to buy a garage door opener in the future, here are some tips that you should always keep in mind.

  • You must always take note of the characteristics of your own garage door. This is very important so you would know the perfect type of door opener that will match your door. Take down the weight of your door, the size and the material. The store clerk will be asking you these questions when you visit their branch.
  • Ask for the different types of garage doors that they offer. These types will differ not only in price but also in performance. The main difference of these types is the mechanism that runs the door opener.

The three basic types that you will find are:

  • the Chain drives
  • the Screw drives
  • the Belt drives.

The most expensive type is the Belt drive but this creates the least noise during operation. The cheapest kind is the Chain drives. The chains are made of metal so you should expect a considerable volume of sound when the residential garage doors are being opened and closed.

  • You can always ask the store personnel on what model is the latest. This can be helpful because the latest models of door openers are usually the ones with the most features when it comes to safety and security.

In addition to that, newer models are better versions of the old models.  Any flaws of the old openers have already been studied and corrected for better performance.

  • Choose a motor that will match the weight of your garage door. You need to be sure that the opener will be able to open the door without any problems.