Top 3 Garage Door Gadgets

18 Sep. 21

Top 3 Garage Door Gadgets

Digital doorbells, smart locks, climate control apps… There are so many nifty gadgets available these days that make entering and controlling your home easier. And while these gadgets may get all the love, it is not to underestimate the humble garage door opener that has been putting in the work to make traversing your car port as simple as a tap on a button or a spoken word. Below, find our top 3 picks for smart garage door openers/gadgets:

myQ Chamberlain Smart Garage Control

You don’t need a Chamberlain garage door opener to get the most out of their Smart Garage Control. This garage-based smart home hub works with your garage door opener to provide control and monitoring. Equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-capability, the myQ Control allows users to check the status of their garage door from anywhere in the world, receive alerts whenever a door opens, schedule door opening and closings, and operate their garage door on demand. All from their smartphone or watch!

Alcidae Garager 2

Smart Camera meets Garage Door Opener in the Alcidae Garager 2. Not only does this gadget allow owners to easily open and close their garage door, but it also allows them to survey their garage with sound and motion detectors. As if that wasn’t cool enough, the Garager 2 also features a built-in mic and speaker, allowing users to speak directly to intruders, be they robbers or raccoons.

Nexx Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller

Looking for a compatible garage door controller for your older garage door opener? Enter Nexx, offering options and compatibility for older model openers. With Nexx, owners can operate all of their garage door functions via their smartphone. Or, thanks to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, Nexx users can simply speak to their garage door to gain entry or exit. And thanks to Nexx’s Just Drive technology, the device will work in conjunction with your smartphone and home Wi-Fi network to automatically raise your garage door as it detects you are approaching. Now that’s cool!

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