Garage Door Security Tips

18 Nov. 22

Top Security Tips For Garage Doors & Openers

Automatic garage door openers are a wonderful convenience. However, they can also serve as a weak link in your garage, and homes, security. How can you improve your garage door security and safety, without compromising modern day ease? Read on for our top tips to improve your garage door security.

Install A Wireless Keypad

Those tiny remotes that come with your garage door opener can easily be misplaced. Or even taken. To open your garage door without fear of someone getting their hands on your remote, you may want to consider installing a wireless keypad. Simply be careful who has the code, and you can rest easy knowing your garage door is safe and secure.

Secure The Entry Door To The House

Most of us have a door leading from the garage into the house. To ensure the safety of your home, keep this door locked at all times. This especially comes in handy if you forget to close the door on your way out.

Connect Your Garage Door Opener To An App

Today’s technology has opened the door of possibilities. Forget to close your garage door? You can close it from your phone! You can even program the app to send you a notification when the door is being opened or shut, as well as attach cameras to get a real life view. Literally keeping the security and safety of your garage door in the palm of your hand.

Opt For A Keychain Remote

Clip-on remotes that connect to your garage door opener are an easy target for potential thieves. All they need to do is swipe the remote from your car and voila! Easy access. Luckily, manufacturers now have smaller, portable garage door openers. Like ones that can easily attach to your keychain. So you can keep your remote on you at all times.

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