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27 Jul. 12

Useful Tips for your Glass Door Patio Project

When you want to make a patio with your extra lawn or backyard space, you will definitely need to have a door to match the elegance and beauty of your courtyard.
One of the best ways to have an easy transition from indoor to outdoor space is through the installation of glass doors for your patio. Sliding glass doors will be perfect for this project because these fixtures do not require a lot of space when opened.
Whether you have a professional contractor do it for you or you will be doing it yourself, your input here in this project should consider different factors.
Here are some useful tips:
Choose an appropriate door size.

  • Just like garage door installation, fitting these glass doors and panels into your patio should require you to choose the perfect size for your space.
  • If the garage door will depend on the number of cars that will park into the garage, the glass patio doors should depend on the available space and the overall traffic in the accessible room.
  • You want a door that will not only look great but will function perfectly as well. If you have an existing door in that area and you just want to keep the size the same, take the measurements so you could replicate it to the glass door.

Choose a style that will match both the interior of the home and the theme of the patio.

  • Your outdoor patio does not have to be of the same style as the indoor living room that it connects with but the glass door style must be associated with both indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • The door serves as the mediator between the two so you need to choose something that is open to both styles.

Make access to the sliding glass door easy.

  • Adding some details like a deck or a landing space will give you the advantage of easy access to your door.
  • Entry doors must always have a safe access space from both the interior and exterior rooms. Arrange furniture properly inside the house so that the door can be easily reached.