03 Sep. 12

Ways of Securing your Home

According to the statistics, burglaries that happen in the homes account for over 20 percent of property crimes. These housebreaks can even happen in gated communities.
In some cases, burglars intrude the house even if the homeowners are present. This statistical data is alarming and this should prompt homeowners to increase the security of their houses.
Homeowners should learn more ways on how they can prevent these robbers from choosing their homes to do unlawful acts.

  • The first lines of defense of your house against burglars are your exterior doors. If these are poor quality fixtures, they would instantly be the instant access of the intruders into your homes.

You must replace old and dilapidated doors with modern units which are available in the market today. New doors, once installed, offer more security protection against burglary compared to the old doors.
Always see to it that all doors and other point of entries are locked.

  • Many burglars also gain access into the house through the garage doors.

Newer models of garage doors are specifically made to increase the security of the house.
Keyless entry system can be installed through the garage door opener. This way, you will not have to leave a duplicate key under one of the plant pots outside your garage.
Modern garage doors have remote controls that refresh the codes every time the units are locked so even if burglars use a device that copies the codes through radio frequency, the fixture cannot be opened. This is because internal code has automatically been changed. This good feature has to be look into by homeowners.

  • Adding lights in the walkways and pathways that lead to your front door and the garage can even be advantageous. A porch light that illuminates the front area of the house can increase visibility and burglars may skip your home when looking for a new victim.
  • If you have enough budgets it is recommended to install motion detector cameras in all entry points of the house. This surely strengthens security in your home.