Swinging Garage Door

25 Oct. 21

What Are Swinging Garage Doors?

One of the best features of garage doors today? A homeowner’s ability to choose a garage door that perfectly suits their style, taste, and budget! Garage doors today come in a wide variety of styles and materials. And for a homeowner looking to take things in a new direction, a swinging style garage door is the perfect option!

Carriage Garage Door

These garage doors used to be made of only wood, the weight of which could put a large strain on the hinges. Today these doors come in a variety of materials that are more lightweight, such as fiberglass. Carriage doors are normally composed of two opposing doors which swing out from the side, often spanning a 6’ to 8’ swing radius. This wide swing should be accounted for when considering a carriage door for your home.

Bi-Fold Garage Door

Another option for a swinging garage door is the bi-fold door. Also known as an accordion or folding carriage style door, these doors stack on the sides without fixed door panels to block views or breezes. Because they fold, they also take up less space when opening or closing. Normally spanning a 4’ radius – half that of a traditional swinging garage door.

Is Maintenance Different?

Maintenance for a swinging garage door is essentially the same as a roll up style door. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you perform hardware and track maintenance:

  • Lubricate all moving parts using a lightweight household oil. This includes locking hardware, steel rollers and roller stems, torsion springs and tubes, lift cables, and hinge pivot points.
  • Never use grease on your garage door track, as it can stop the rollers and make the opener work harder.
  • Inspect and clean the door track to ensure smooth and efficient operation.
  • With the door closed, inspect all hinges, struts, handles, locks, and brackets for loose fasteners.

Why Choose A Swinging Garage Door?

Simply put – because swinging garage doors are unique! No other garage door will make quite as big an impression as a carriage style garage door. Boost your curb appeal, impress your neighbors, and love your home with the addition of a swinging garage door. 

Simply put, swinging garage doors help you stand out. Door designs may vary, but a decorative garage door is a conversation piece. With a swinging garage door, you get great versatility in both form and function. Wondering what swinging garage doors are available to you? Contact us today at info@adamsdoorsystems.com.