Popular Garage Door Colors

27 Feb. 23

What Are The Most Popular Garage Door Colors?

At first glance, choosing a garage door color might not seem like a big decision. But with the wide variety of colors available to you in the modern era of manufacturing, you can quickly become spoilt for choice. This choice will not only tie the entire look of your home together, but can also add (or detract!) to the overall value of your property. If you’re wondering what the most popular garage door colors are, here are four color ideas that will remain beautiful and timeless well after the paint dries.

Go Contemporary And Bold With A Black Garage Door

Feel like black may be a tad overbearing for your home’s facade? Think again! Black adds sharpness and elegance to your home – and can even make it stand out from the other homes in the area. When well taken care of, black is also one of the least likely colors to fade or discolor over time. Black garage doors are most popular with contemporary builds that combine clean lines and sharp angles.

Going For Refreshing And Classic? Choose White

Why mess up a good thing? Like the classic white garage door! The reason white garage doors have stood the test of time is because of their refreshing and bright appeal. Whether you’re looking to add a whimsical, coastal-inspired feel to your home or just looking to keep things clean and simple, a white garage door is an easy option. Blending in with other white accents on your property, a white garage door will never look out of place.

Choose A Gray Garage Door To Soften And Contrast

When it comes to gray garage doors, you have a wide array of options. Choose an anthracite gray if you want sleek and exciting. Or choose a softer gray if you want a stylish and subdued garage door color that is easy-to-maintain and blends well with your property. Suitable for almost any property type, gray garage doors give you a slightly less rich, and yet still fantastically practical option.

Showcase Your Personality With A Pop Of Color!

If a nature-inspired look is more your speed, opt for a sage garage door that will feel right at home when paired with wood shingles and lush climbing vines. Navy garage doors bring understated elegance to traditional homes, easily setting them apart from the rest. Or if you’re feeling bold, match your home’s red entry door with a red garage one! 

Whatever your personal style and taste, remember to keep your home’s style in mind, research which colors are available in the material you want, and above all – if you plan to sell, stay neutral! At Adam’s Door Systems, we offer a wide range of garage door colors for you to choose from, allowing you to tailor the look of your home however you like. Contact us today to learn more about your options! We can be reached at info@adamsdoorsystems.com or 905-602-6550 (Mississauga) or 416-502-2212 (Toronto).