17 Jan. 13

What to do with Noisy Garage Door Openers

No one can contest the fact that garage door openers are really important pieces of equipment in the home since they are able to control and lock the garage doors of the house.

Unfortunately, when the garagedooropener is not maintained or installed properly, it could create weird vibrations and noises that could be disturbing to the family. If the door opener is starting to become noisy, here are the essential things that you must do:

  • Check all nuts and bolts to see if there are any loose pieces. One of the reasons why the door and the door opener create sounds during their operation is because the parts are loosely installed. What you need to do to solve this is to tighten all bolts and nuts and lubricate these parts as soon as they are tightened.
  • Replace the rollers that have worn out. When garage door rollers are damaged or worn out, they wobble as the door is being opened or closed which leads to vibrations and sounds. You need to replace the rollers that have been broken. There is a new trend today where nylon rollers are used instead of steel rollers because they require less lubrication and they are quieter but they are also more expensive.
  • Lubricate the tracks of the opener. Lubricating the track and all the movable parts will ensure swift operation and will cause less friction too.
  • Isolate the door opener through anti-vibration pads. Anti-vibration pads are actually rubber pads that you can insert between the door opener and the ceiling of your garage so that the rubber can absorb the vibrations that the opener will make whenever the entrydoors are being opened or closed. These will also be very helpful especially if the garage is found right under a bedroom since these pads can reduce noise inside the room.