professional garage door repairs

15 Mar. 22

Garage Doors: When To Call In A Professional

Ah, the garage door! A beneficial piece of hardware most of us use every day. Whether we are going to work or storing the kids’ bicycles; we expect the garage to work day in and day out. What many of us often overlook is just how complex these mechanisms actually are! Especially when you consider how much daily use they endure. Eventually, wear and tear will rear its head. At which time you will need to decide: call a professional or do it yourself?

To make your decision a little easier, below you will find incidents in which you should 100% call in the pro’s:

  • Broken Springs: Your garage door springs face constant pressure. When one breaks, it is imperative to have a professional replace them to ensure they are installed correctly using the proper safety precautions.
  • Broken Hardware: One hinge may be doable. But replacing multiple hinges or other pieces of hardware requires the practiced eye of a pro!
  • Broken or Cracked Door Panels: Doors weigh a lot more than you may think. Any door repair will require at least two people who are familiar with safely replacing panels.
  • Broken Wheels: Replacing wheels can be a tedious job. This is because the door track can easily be bent if not done correctly.
  • Weather Stripping Between Panels: Weather stripping located along the sides or bottom of your garage door is an easy DIY job. Weather stripping between panels, however, is an entirely different ball game. You should call your local garage repair technician for help.
  • Dents and Dings: While a good ole fashioned plunger may relieve some dents and dings, deeper damages require replacement. Perhaps even an entirely new garage door!
  • Broken Automatic Opener: Automatic openers have many different moving parts and components, as well as electrical wiring. Due to electrical hazards, it is best to have a garage door technician complete the work.

As with all complex hardware, it is essential to know when things are just beyond your skills. There can be certain risks and hazards of attempting certain garage door repairs on your own that could lead to additional door damages and personal injuries. In other instances, it may be more beneficial and cost-effective to have a new door installed rather than repair your existing one.

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