12 Nov. 12

Win-Door North America Event in Toronto

For all the window and door enthusiasts in Toronto who are planning to renovate or have a few changes in their homes, attending the Win-Door North America Event in Toronto will be a very good idea.
The event is scheduled on November 13, 2012 until November 15, 2012 and it will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Within these three days of convention, there will be a grand showcase of many exhibitors from manufacturers of windows to distributors of residential garage doors.
There will be more than a hundred and fifty exhibits in this convention where homeowners, builders and people who are planning to renovate will see for themselves the different products that the window and door industry is offering today. These exhibitors come from all areas of Canada and they are convening in Toronto for the convenience of the participants.
Aside from the hundreds of exhibits that will be showcased during the 3-day convention, there will also be special talks and seminars from the manufacturers and producers of these doors and windows wherein they will introduce people to the newest technologies used in manufacturing doors and windows of houses today.
Apart from door manufacturers, there will also be a lot of exhibitors that focus on other garage door installation instructions and components like locks, screens, rollers, steel parts, insulation, and sealants. This event is not only beneficial to homeowners who would want to do something new with their doors and windows but this will also be useful to dealers and manufacturers in the industry since they will learn more about recent technological advancements, new products or materials, and developments in production of these home parts.
It will also be a great avenue for networking within the business industry where dealers and manufacturers will be able to build clients. People who are planning to go to the event will have to register for them to be admitted easily to the event.